Packetwars Boot Camp: September 16th-20th, 2013

September 18th, 2013    Dayton Security Summit Day 1:

8:30AM - 9:00AM           Registration & Check-In

9:00AM - 9:30AM           Concept and Ground Rules (Angus Blitter)

9:30AM - 12:00PM         Tools of the Trade (Dr Cofta, Matthias & Angus)

12:00PM - 1:00PM         Lunch

1:00PM -   5:00PM         Disruptive Technologies (Craig, Graeme & Chris)

6:30PM Reception 7:00PM - 9:00PM Group Dinner

September 19th, 2013    Dayton Security Summit Day 2:

7:00AM - 8:00AM           5K Hacker Run

9:00AM - 12:00PM         Radical Thinking (Sergey, Rodrigo, Kevin & Carl)

12:00PM - 1:00PM         Lunch

1:00PM -   5:00PM         Point of Origin Hacking (Brent , Florian & Angus)

September 20th, 2013

10:00AM - 2:00PM       HackSec Packetwars Invitational

5:00PM - 8:00PM       Reception & Urban Nights


Angus Blitter - Your host and resident media whore. Angus is the founder of Hack Sec Klahn, a like-minded group of technologists. Angus is also the creator of PacketWars™ ( the World's first Cyber Sport. Angus believes diversity is good for the species and hackers are a national resource. Old school, grey hat and previously plump, Angus still likes to eat, drink and hack.

Dr Piotr Cofta - Has published three books, contributed to several international standards; he publishes and speaks frequently. He is also an author of several patents and publications, from areas such as trust management, identity and privacy, digital rights management and electronic commerce. He is a CISSP and a senior member of IEEE. You can contact him at or at

Bigezy -  Has a new day job (very cool) but was a security analyst at a Fortune 500 Electric Utility and is responsible for border defense of scada networks and policy enforcement. He has also done his part protecting the economy spending 5 years securing a mutual fund transfer agency that wired the money around for 54 percent of NASDAQ. Before that he founded one of the first Internet service providers in the Midwest.

Sergey Bratus - Is a Research Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Dartmouth College. His research interests include designing new operating system and hardware-based features to support more expressive and developer-friendly debugging, secure programming and reverse engineering; Linux kernel security (kernel exploits, LKM rootkits, and hardening patches); data organization and other AI techniques for better log and traffic analysis; and various kinds of wired and wireless network hacking. Before coming to Dartmouth, he worked on statistical learning methods for natural text processing and information extraction at BBN Technologies. He has a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Northeastern University.

Carl Federick II - Has over 15 years in experience successfully designing, developing, delivering, on-boarding, & supporting client server applications, including creating tools, documentation, and augmenting & automating tasks to increase team effectiveness as an individual contributor, team member, and leader. Geek laden programming knowledge ranges from hardware silicon, to bits, registers, bytes, machine code, assembly language, C, C++, Java, HTML, JSP, Shell, and SQL, which compliments knowledge of several security technologies. As an alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania’s Executive Masters in Technology Management Degree (EMTM) Program, also have knowledge of numerous technology areas ranging from robotics to nanotechnology to drug delivery and more.

Florian Grunow - Holds a Bachelor's degree in Medical Computer Sciences and a Master's degree in Software Engineering. He used to work in hospitals and got an inside view on how the daily work of healthcare professionals and IT looks like. He now works as a Security Analyst at ERNW in Heidelberg, Germany, with a focus on application security.

Brent Huston is the Security Evangelist and CEO of MicroSolved, Inc. He spends a LOT of time breaking things, including the tools/techniques and actors of crime. When he is not focusing his energies on chaos & entropy, he sets his mind to the order side of the universe where he helps organizations create better security processes, policies and technologies. He is a well recognized author, surfer, inventor, sailor, trickster, entrepreneur and international speaker. He has spent the last 20+ years dedicated to information security on a global scale. He likes honeypots, obscure vulnerabilities, a touch of code & a wealth of data. He also does a lot of things that start with the letter “s”. You can learn more about his professional background here: & follow him on Twitter (@lbhuston).

Nick Kulesza - Is a graduate student researching covert channel communication utilizing wireless networking protocols. He obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Master's Degree in Cyber Security and is currently engaged in his second Master's Degree in Computer Science. An avid cyber security advocate, Nick volunteers as a technical mentor working with high school students competing in the CyberPatriot competitionIn his spare time, Nick balances his studies with his family, trains for marathons, enjoys hockey, and plays broomball competitively.  Nick's current research areas include Covert Channels, Network Protocol Analysis, Reverse Engineering, and Network Traffic Exploitation.@MedivhMagus

Matthias Luft is a seasoned auditor and pentester with vast experience in corporate environments. Over the years, he developed his own approach in evaluating and reviewing all kinds of applications, protocols and technologies. So he's one of the first researchers who revealed major design flaws and vulnerabilities in the approach of Data Leakage Prevention. He is a regular speaker at international security conferences and will happily share his knowledge with the audience.

Graeme Neilson - Is a security consultant / researcher for Aura Information Security based in Wellington. He has worked in security for over ten years with a focus on network infrastructure and reverse engineering. Previously he has presented at Kiwicon (Wellington, New Zealand), Ruxcon (Sydney, Australia) and BlackHat (Las Vegas, USA).

Rodrigo Rubira Branco (@BSDaemon) - Is responsible for the Dissect || PE project, an automated malware analysis system available for security researchers to test new ideas and findings. In the past, he worked as Director of Vulnerability & Malware Research at Qualys, as Chief Security Research for Check Point where he released dozens of security vulnerabilities and was awarded by Adobe as one of the top contributors for vulnerabilities in 2011. He also worked as Senior Vulnerability Researcher for Coseinc and Staff Software Engineer in IBM. He is the organizer of H2HC (Hackers 2 Hackers Conference), the oldest security research conference in Latin America.

Craig Smith - Is a security expert that specializes in reverse engineering software and hardware protections.  He has developed several public and private tools used for circumventing DRM and other advance intellectual property protection schemes.  He works closely with the open source community and is a founding board member of Cincinnati's Hive13 Hackerspace.  Craig is currently the president of Theia Labs Research.

Solomon Sonya -Is a passionate software developer and network security engineer focusing on the analysis of malware, memory management, and computer network exploitation.  Solomon devotes many hours in academia mentoring and teaching students as well as presenting at  conferences like BlackHat (2012). Solomon received his Undergraduate Degree in Computer Science and is currently pursuing Masters Degrees in Computer Science and Information Systems Engineering.  Solomon's current research areas include Covert Channels, Network Exploitation, Steganographic Algorithms, and Network Security Distributed Systems. @SPLINTER_TheRAT, @Carpenter1010

Kevin Thompson - Is an Incident Response Implementation Engineer for FireEye, Inc. educating FireEye customers and partners on the latest cyber threats to their infrastructure. Before joining FireEye, Kevin worked as a cyber analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency in Washington DC. As an analyst, Kevin used digital exploitation and all source analysis to educate multiple agencies of the US Government on current and future cyber threats. Kevin's analytic work has been included in Presidential Daily Briefings and became a case study used in multiple training classes. Kevin has presented at numerous technical workshops and cyber threat conferences around the Washington DC area.

Christopher Werny - Is an old-time network geek who loves to explore devices & protocols. He has investigated a number of real-life toll fraud incidents in customer environments and will happily share the stuff he learned with the audience.