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Made in Germany for consumption in the United States. Just like precision engineered cars. ERNW training is a cut above the rest. World class and kick ass!!! "Because what you don’t know can hurt you.", Angus Blitter

All workshops include a DCX seat and VIP pass for the after party on October 15th. Packetwars Boot Camp participants will secure a place at the HSK Packetwars Invitational on Friday October 14th.

Telecommunication Network Hacking (2 Days) [October 10th & 11th, 2016]

This workshop is designed for operators, manufacturers, researchers and those people who are interested in security of telecommunication networks. It will start with an introduction on how telecommunication networks actually work and will focus on some selected aspects of typical designs. Besides giving a technical introduction to the network, this workshop will focus on secure design and implementation testing. To do so, we will teach some basic elements of penetration testing of GSM radio interfaces using OpenSource tools.

The first day mainly gives a brief overview of 2G, 3G, 4G networks including an outlook to 5G aspects. Basic components and design will be explained in detail and the audience will get introduced to components and concepts. This day is mostly based on theory but there will be some practical exercises for a better understanding of how such networks technically work and can be attacked.

The second day will have some more practical exercises and introduce some basic methodologies and tools which are used for hacking telecommunication networks. The exercise is limited to 2G/GSM radio networks and their special design coming from the past.

Price: $2,900

IPv6 Security (1 Day) [October 12th, 2016]

In this workshop we discuss the security aspects of IPv6 from a practitioner's view. This includes the most relevant attacks and a thorough discussion of mitigating controls, both on the technical implementation and the design level. It is assumed that participants have a solid understanding of IPv6 fundamentals.

The workshop will address the most relevant topics:
  • Main differences between IPv4 and IPv6 in the security space and what this means for an IPv6 security strategy.
  • Basic building blocks of IPv6 security.
  • Attacks against IPv6 on the local link incl. demos.
  • First-Hop Security Features: overview and technical details. What works in real-life and what doesn't.
  • IPv6 security at the network perimeter: examples of common filter approaches from large organizations and their rationale.
  • What IPv6 means for firewalls and other common enterprise security controls.
  • Remote Access & Business Partner Connections with IPv6.
Price: $1,600

Packetwars Boot Camp (3 Days) [October 10th, 11th & 12th, 2016]

PacketWars is a sport like nothing you have ever experienced! Games, known as “Battles”, pit individual players and teams against each other in a race against time to achieve predefined objectives, win prizes, assess & develop skills and attain fame. We employ a flexible platform and innovative methodology based on the concept of “Edu-tainment” to deliver this service. Edu-tainment is a term used to describe the fusion of an educational experience and an entertainment experience. Research has shown that people can learn more effectively in environments that are fun.

In addition, game theory has shown that simulations are very effective learning tools. The more realistic a simulation is the more effective the learning opportunity. PacketWars provides facilitated battles, which simulate real-world scenarios. The PacketWars experience is a perfect platform for teaching, learning and demonstrating complex concepts in a controlled, safe and legal manner. Role playing, persistence, flare and positive reinforcement (prizes and glory) are all part of the platform’s methodology, which is designed to encourage continued development and participation.

This Boot Camp provides you with insights into a broad variety of hacking techniques. Experts will show you everything from basic principles to the latest advanced tactics of modern computer warfare. It’s no secret that only well trained and experienced security practitioners are able to defend their assets effectively. Even if you follow the industry “best practices” to protect your assets, the attacker only needs to exploit a single weakness in your defenses, making it seem impossible to prevail. In the real-world you need force multiples to win.

With this Boot Camp we turn the tables: You’ll learn to think and act with the mindset of an adversary. Understanding their motivation, tools and techniques will enable you to gain a new perspective of your security posture. You will learn the methodologies of a targeted attack and develop a kill-chain defense mindset. In addition, all recruits will learn how to setup their own simulations so they can run private battles themselves.

Price: $3,200
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